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Boots on the Ground to Power Ontario’s Growth: Eric Chassard, Bruce Power’s new President and CEO, lays out his vision for the road ahead


Wednesday, September 18, 2024

As Ontario predicts significant growth in electricity demand in the coming decades, Bruce Power will continue to play a crucial part of the province’s clean energy grid, while providing a scalable supply of cancer-fighting medical isotopes. Through its multi-billion dollar Life-Extension program, Ontario will secure upwards of 7,000 megawatts for the 2030s and thousands of jobs for skilled workers. And as Ontario plans for the long term, Bruce Power is conducting a federal Impact Assessment to create the option of building Bruce C, which could add up to 4,800 megawatts of nuclear capacity to its site. 

Join Eric Chassard as he steps into the role of President and CEO of Bruce Power, and leads the company through what will be an unprecedented work schedule for an operating nuclear site. Building on its strong foundation, and on-time on-budget delivery of its Unit 6 refurbishment, Eric will discuss the company’s approach to successfully execute on its commitments for the people of Ontario. 

headshot of Eric Chassard

Eric Chassard

President and CEO, Bruce Power

Eric Chassard was appointed President & CEO of Bruce Power effective July 1, 2024.

Eric joined Bruce Power in 2019 as the Executive Vice President of Projects and Engineering. In this role, he successfully led the on time and on budget delivery of Bruce Power’s Life Extension program and implemented a comprehensive project management technique and a long-term procurement strategy. The first unit refurbishment, Unit 6, was successfully returned to service in 2023, ahead of schedule, under budget, and with an industry best safety rating for large projects.

Previously, Eric held a series of Senior Executive positions, both in Nuclear Operations and multibillion projects portfolios, at Areva, Orano, Bechtel and Hitachi, directly leading more than 6,500 people in 13 different countries as CEO of subsidiaries or joint ventures

Eric has a degree in Engineering with a specialization in Nuclear Engineering and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Nuclear Reactor Physics.