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Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow: A New Future for Canadian Cities

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

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Welcome to The Empire Club of Canada’s 120th season opener, which marks the first major speaking engagement by newly elected Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow.

Cities like Toronto play an essential role in people’s lives and Canada’s future prosperity and progress. However, cities today face enormous challenges and budgetary pressures that put everything at risk.

Increasing national challenges such as the housing crisis, homelessness, refugees displaced by war, climate change, and mental health have Toronto stepping up to face them despite being constrained by frameworks from other orders of government that cannot meet today’s modern challenges. Change is necessary.

Join Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow and Hon. John Baird for a fireside conversation to discuss the challenges faced by Toronto and what needs to change to create a more affordable, safe, and inclusive city where everyone belongs.

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headshot of Hon. John Baird

Hon. John Baird

Senior Advisor, Bennett Jones LLP

John Baird is a Senior Advisor at Bennett Jones LLP and a former Senior Cabinet Minister in the Government of Canada. Baird’s political career was marked by his passionate advocacy for conservative principles and his willingness to engage in robust debates.

headshot of Olivia Chow

Olivia Chow

Mayor of Toronto, City of Toronto

Olivia Chow is a Canadian politician and activist who has been involved in municipal, provincial, and federal politics. Chow has been recognized for her dedication to social justice and community issues. She has been involved in numerous community organizations and has advocated for marginalized groups and individuals.