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Alfred Apps, President, Liberal Party of Canada

Thursday, June 9, 2011

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The Empire Club of Canada Presents:
Alfred Apps, President, Liberal Party of Canada With When The Worst of Times Become The Best of Times: Building a Future For Liberalism In Canada

Alfred Apps is many things. A father of five beautiful daughters. The very fortunate partner of Kathy Elder. A respected and successful corporate lawyer. An active and committed Anglican. But he is also a leader. A student leader, who was elected president of the student council at his high school, his college and his university. A company leader, who has successfully served as CEO of two large corporations.

A community leader, who has devoted much of his spare time to charities in health care and the arts, a former chair of the Foundation Board for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and, of course, the Past President of the Empire Club of Canada. A business leader, who this month is taking over as chair of the board of two exciting Canadian corporations—Pacific Mortgage, one of our leading independent financial service companies, recognized last week as Canada’s second-fastest growing company, and Byron Capital Markets, an emerging Canadian institutional investment bank. But his passion for four decades has been politics and especially liberal politics. Always as a volunteer. Today he speaks as President of the Liberal Party of Canada at a critical moment in its history.

Alfred Apps, President, Liberal Party of Canada

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