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Canada’s Digital Economy: Creating a Shared Vision in a Fragmented World

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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The Empire Club of Canada Presents:
Canada’s Digital Economy: Creating a Shared Vision in a Fragmented World

Canada is emerging from the pandemic in a unique position. We have an advanced economy with some of the highest levels of digital connectivity, access, and usage in the world.

Still, there are challenges ahead, including an unpredictable global economic environment, growing mistrust in institutions and increasingly polarized market dynamics.

Creating truly lasting economic and social value will take a sustained, coordinated effort, including modernizing our key institutions, building trust in digital capabilities and supporting businesses and Canadians to meet the needs of the digital economy.

Both digital ID and digital payment capabilities will play a pivotal role in Canada’s ability to capture the economic and social benefits associated with ongoing economic trends. However, these transformations will not be fully realized unless they are widely available and delivered in a cohesive fashion from coast to coast.

From safeguarding data to ensuring backbone technology is inclusive and accessible, getting implementation right is no small feat. Meeting the challenges ahead requires collaboration between the private and public sectors to deliver trustworthy, secure, and frictionless digital products and services.

Throughout its history, Interac has prioritized the development of payment capabilities which are widely available and accessible to all Canadians. In this address, Mark will describe the opportunities and challenges ahead and will articulate a path forward that can unlock greater economic and social benefits for Canadians.

Mark O’Connell, President & CEO, Interac Corp.

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Mark O'Connell

President & CEO, Interac Corp.

Mark O’Connell is the President and CEO of Interac Corp. Since 2007, he has managed the organization’s evolution to become one of Canada’s leading electronic payment and financial services networks, providing Canadian Financial Institution customers with trusted world leading services in all forms of debit payments, real time money movement, authentication and credential management.