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Covid-19 and Canadian Women: Mental Health, Money and Societal Shifts

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

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The Empire Club of Canada Presents:
Covid-19 and Canadian Women: Mental Health, Money and Societal Shifts

One of the resounding battle cries heard throughout the pandemic is “We are all in this together”. While this is comforting to many people and politically attractive as a concept, it has been very clear from the outset that certain demographics have suffered disproportionately from the outset of Covid-19. The largest demographic to be hit hard is women, whether working on the front lines in multiple industries or seeing their workplaces close indefinitely with little hope of a comeback. The Covid-19 pandemic has also exacerbating challenges associated with childcare, mental health, and partner violence, with these challenges affecting women in countries around the world.

In this panel discussion, five Canadian women who have thought a lot about these issues and what they mean to our country, our society and to women in particular answer the following questions: What are the real challenges going forward? What about marginalized women and those struggling with the impact of poverty, racism, substance abuse, and/or dysfunctional/toxic relationships? How will this pandemic impact Canadian women going forward?

This discussion offers a unique opportunity for Canadians to dive deeper into one of the most important issues of 2020 and how it impacted Canada and the women who live in Canada.

Vivene Salmon, Vice-President, Country Compliance Manager, Global Banking and Markets Compliance, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Andrea Carter, CEO & Founder, Wealthy Woman Warrior and Building Better Organizations; Gender Diversity & Inclusion Specialist and Learning Development Consultant

Candies Kotchapaw, Community Builder; Networker

Elizabeth Naumovski, Vice President Marketing, Caldwell Securities Ltd.

Dr. Samantha Wells – Senior Director & Senior Scientist, Institute for Mental Health Policy Research at CAMH; Associate Professor, Clinical Public Health Division at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

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*Views and Opinions Expressed Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the speakers or panelists are those of the speakers or panelists and do not necessarily reflect or represent the official views and opinions, policy or position held by The Empire Club of Canada.*