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Author Bradley Schurman: Demographic Disruption – How an Aging Society Will Change Everything

Thursday, October 5, 2023

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Join author Bradley Schurman and Kelly Jackson for a fireside chat to discuss the many challenges facing Canada as a result of demographic change.

Canada’s adult working-age population is shrinking, bringing new challenges around labour force demands, housing, healthcare, technology adoption and traditional models of business and education. With Statistics Canada projecting that 25% of Canadians will be over the age of 65 by 2036, the country is in the midst of a profound transformation.

Canada is not alone, with this demographic shift happening across the developed world. From changes to the tax base to skills shortages to the need for new products and inclusive design approaches, the realities of population aging are upon us, and so are the opportunities for communities, businesses, and governments to respond in new ways to foster economic growth, inclusion and support for at-risk populations and the health of rural communities.

Bradley Schurman is an expert on demographic change and how it disrupts worldwide social, cultural, political, and economic norms. His deep understanding of population shifts, coupled with his grasp of emerging trends, makes him an authoritative voice in the future of us.

headshot of Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson

Immediate Past President, Empire Club of Canada

Kelly Jackson is Vice-President, External Affairs and Professional Learning at Humber College, one of Canada’s largest polytechnics. In her role, Kelly oversees a wide range of service departments that support Humber’s external relationships, continuous professional learning, workforce development and access strategies, and reputation management.

Prior to joining Humber, Kelly held numerous roles in provincial politics including Director of Communications to the Ontario Minister of Finance. In this role, she led the communications team for the Minister responsible for one of the largest provincial budgets in Canada. Kelly was also Director of Policy to the Minister of Education and Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Kelly spent a number of years overseeing strategic and integrated planning, public affairs, privacy and freedom of information issues, and communications at Seneca College. She also has experience in research project management having coordinated international conference series and academic publications at the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

Kelly holds a Master of Arts in Political Science and a Graduate Diploma in German and European Studies from York University and has studied at Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg and the University of Sheffield. Kelly is currently President of the Empire Club of Canada Board of Directors and a Board Director of the North York Harvest Food Bank. She is co-author of the children’s book, Our Canada: A Year With Canuck Kids (Blossom Books Press, 2021).

headshot of Bradley Schurman

Bradley Schurman

Author, The Super Age

Bradley Schurman is an expert in the field of demographic change and its impact on various aspects of society, including social, cultural, political, and economic norms. He is the author of the book “THE SUPER AGE: DECODING OUR DEMOGRAPHIC DESTINY,” published by Harper Collins. His work focuses on understanding population shifts and emerging trends, making him a recognized authority in the field of demographics and its implications for the future.