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Kevin O’Leary: Leadership Candidate, Conservative Party of Canada

Friday, April 7, 2017

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The Empire Club of Canada Presents:
Kevin O’Leary: Leadership Candidate, Conservative Party of Canada On Awakening Canada’s Economic Advantage

Awakening Canada’s Economic Advantage Canada has an incredible economic foundation. We have a talented and hardworking workforce, vast natural resources, and a diversified economy. We have a strong and caring society, with a proud history of hard work and entrepreneurism. Unfortunately, this incredible economic potential is being squandered. CPC Leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary discusses his plans to unleash Canada’s economic potential. Biography: Currently the Chairman of O’Shares Exchange Traded Funds, Kevin has spent a lifetime fighting on behalf of investors and small business. Kevin is a three time, best selling author on the topics of family, finance and business. Kevin is a Leader with a smart plan to kick start the economy and a Leader who will fight for you.

Kevin O’Leary, Leadership Candidate, Conservative Party of Canada

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