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Rick Leary – Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Transit Commission

Thursday, January 14, 2021

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Rick Leary, CEO of TTC speaking at a vitural event
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The Empire Club of Canada Presents:
Rick Leary – Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Transit Commission with One Year Later: Making the TTC a Diverse and Inclusive Organization

In 2020, the TTC took a hard look at many of its anti-racism practices that were in place then – both in how it dealt with its customers as well as the treatment of their own employees from underrepresented groups. Diversity and inclusion had become top priorities for the CEO and the TTC moved to become a leader in the industry on confronting existing issues and making meaningful changes to address them.

In December of 2020, the TTC launched a 10 Point Action Plan to attract a more diverse workforce – started with women and then moved to attract others from underrepresented groups. As the TTC created a more diverse and inclusive workforce, the 10 Point Action Plan also served to benefit the TTC’s diverse customer base.

Leslie Woo, Chief Executive Officer, CivicAction

Rick Leary, Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Transit Commission

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