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To be Premier

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Group of 8 speakers participating in panel discussion
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The Empire Club of Canada Presents:
To be Premier: The Empire Club of Canada Invites Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidates to Debate

The Empire Club of Canada has a rich history of being the chosen forum for government and political leaders to convey their visions. In that spirit, The Empire Club of Canada brought together all the Ontario Liberal Party candidates for a special evening on January 15th to answer one important question: Why should you be Premier?

The debate was framed around this fundamental question on which any provincial leadership campaign turns. Each candidate was asked to make their case why of all the people on the stage, they most deserve the chance to be Premier. Next, they were asked to defend their case before the Empire audience and by extension all Ontarians.

This was a rare public opportunity for our audience to hear all of the candidates on one stage, positioning themselves as the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and, if they are so chosen, Premier of Ontario.

Don Guy, Strategist, Pollara Insights

Karman Wong, Journalist, Strategist

Michael Coteau

Steven Del Duca

Kate Graham

Brenda Hollingsworth

Mitzie Hunter

Alvin Tedjo

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