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Our Foundation Board of Directors

Gareth S. Seltzer

Board Member, Empire Club Foundation

Gareth is a seasoned leadership consultant. He was CEO of DAIS Creative Inc., a Toronto-based startup sold to Bell Media in 2018. Before that, he was co-founder of RYOT Media in Los Angeles which was sold to Verizon/AOL in 2016. His experience includes nine years as a director of Guardian Capital Group Limited’s Private Wealth practice. An avid film buff, his own producer credits include an Academy Award nomination for the film “Body Team 12” which also won two Emmy Awards.

He has served as a director of The Michael Garron Hospital Foundation, The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research, The Canadian Hearing Society Foundation, and Dying with Dignity Canada. In 1997-98, he served as the youngest President of the Empire Club of Canada in the Club’s history.

alt= A man, Gareth S Seltzer, smiling and sitting on a tall stool wearing a white polo shirt.